2018 Pride Tank Featuring Joseph Andrews

by Matt Mason

It may be a rainy day in San Francisco but that didn't stop us from getting some sexy shots of Joe Andrews featuring our new TIMGear Tank. Just in for the 2018 Pride season... be sure to keep an eye out once this new new tank is released.

More importantly, let's talk about Joe. Before switching to a career in fitness, Joe spent five years on the Wall Street circuit. Originally from Massachusetts, he attended Northeastern University where he majored in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish. After working with Joe we realized there is so much more to Joe than beautiful photos.

....Stay tuned for more on Joseph Andrews.



Last week TIMGEAR designer Tim Tucker hit the stage with Richie Rich; pairing up as part of Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW). The collaboration drew applaud from the crowd, as TIMGEAR made its debut at a global Fashion Week event.

Showcasing TIMGEAR's redefined logo, and bespoke signature cut, the models strutted the runway donning the stunning line of attire that Tim Tucker has worked effortfully to conceive over the last year at the helm of the flourishing brand.

Speaking to Tim, we uncovered much to be in the works for the TIMGEAR brand, ramping up to Summer of 2017 - which may or may not have confirmed rumors spiralling from LAFW's collaborative runway that Richie Rich and TIMGEAR are working on a line together to hit shelves this year. The passion and excitement that Tim has invested to drive the TIMGEAR brand is an extremely exciting prospect for marketplace penetration - which has already exploded since the brand's reinvigoration at the end of 2016.

From the Treasure Island Media team and community, we'd like to congratulate both Tim and Richie on an incredible show; and we can't wait to see you turn more heads with your innovative and stunning lines.

To watch the catwalk event, CLICK HERE.

To get your own TIMGEAR, Visit The Store.

Rolling With Dice: Fletch Sporting TIM Gear


Yesterday Fletch sent me a message letting me know he was going to be in the neighborhood, I asked if he'd be interested in stopping by and trying on some TIM Gear so I could get some shots of him, he said yes right away. The weather here in Portland has been pretty amazing so I wanted to take him on a rooftop and also get some shots outdoors.

Street Shorts

Scrimmage Socks

Ankle Socks

Assless Jock-Brief

Want more Fletch? Be sure to check him out in

Kenny's Raw Fucks Volume 1

TIMSUCK: Callum Pryce & Fletch




To celebrate the holiday season, and the launch of the new TIMGEAR line we couldn't help but get into the festive spirit with one of our models, the end results is our holiday wishes to you!


LIVE FEED - "Poppered Up" Shop by TIMGear

by Matt Mason


We'll Have:

*Some of your Favorite TIM Guys show up throughout the day. *Our Merchandise Up Close and Personal! *Free Shipping from the Pop-up-Shop to anywhere in the Continental USA!



Damon Dogg Unleashed: Underwater Fun With TIMGEAR and GoPro


Recently DICE, KENNY, & I visited Seattle to host an event and film some scenes. Of course we spent our free time before a shoot fucking around like unleashed guys do. The weather was so nice we quickly decided to hit the pool in our TIMGEAR. It also gave me a chance to play with my GoPro underwater. Fun Times! Check out some of the pictures and get your TIMGEAR too.

Lewdly Yours,


Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.41.44 PM

TIMGEAR New Light-Weight Gym Shorts & TIM Pin


Blow The Competition Away

Light-Weight TIMGEAR Sport Shorts
TIM Collector Pin #4
TIM Community


by Michael Triolo

TIMGear expands it's product line with the sexy sporty scrimmage sock


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Bombshell: most of the Hedy Lamarr legend is a romantic and after that empirical advising of a really excellent work. movie industry gives us newly found appreciation to put unsung idol, and that is certainly absolutely a sign of achievement. it really is regrettable that running without shoes flew so miss a chunk that fit this description to reach the big screen, But natural environment. the later part of as compared by.
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